Felicia Pearson Biography

Who is Felicia Pearson?

Felicia Pearson

Felicia Pearson is an American Actor, rapper and book-writer. One of the movies that brought her to spotlight is Pearson on The Wire and she also wrote a book “Grace after midnight” talking about her traumatic childhood and when she was in jail for second degree murder. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland but grew up in an East Baltimore foster home. Felicia was born as a premature baby weighing only three pounds and only survived by a miracle. She was later adopted, by Levi ,an electrician and Cora, a social services worker.

Though Felicia’s parents were alive, they were absentee in her life, her father was an armed robber while her mother was a drug addict so she grew up in a foster home before adopted and never had a relationship with her parent. From a young age, Felicia acted as a tomboy and did illegal jobs. When she was only sixteen years Old, she was sentenced to two eight-year terms for murder of a girl.

Pearson said her life took a turning point when the local drug dealer that always looked out for her in jail was killed. She was released from prison in year 2000 and got a job in a fabricating car bumpers but was sacked after two weeks when the employer found out that she was an ex- convict.

How Old is Felicia Pearson?

Pearson was born on 1980, May 18 which makes her 40years Old as of year 2020. Her Zodiac sign is Taurus been born on May 18.

Educational Background

She graduated from Baltimore School of the Arts.


Pearson career started in year 2004 when she met a stranger at Baltimore club. Actor, Michael K. Williams spotted her and liked her charisma, he felt she would be the perfect option for the new character that was to included in the TV show “The Wire”. He gave her his business card and told her to come to the set, Pearson had meeting with the show director and that was how she got the character role. She did the role till it’s last season which ended in year 2008.

Since year 2008, Pearson has been getting other contract in theatre art, doing music video, releasing her rap music. She also try as much as possible to bring awareness to kids so that they don’t grow up the way she did.


Net Worth

She has accumulated a net worth of about $100,000.

Is Felicia Pearson Married?

Felicia is one of those celebrities that like to keep their life private, although she has openly said that she noticed since when she was 12years Old that she was more into women than men. She has had relationship with girls in the past and the one of recent was with Ј Аdrіеnnе. The couple had to break up in 2017 because Pearson thought that she did not deserve Adrienne’s love.

Height and Weight

  • Height – 1.62M
  • Weight – 70kg
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Eye Color – Black


Social Media Account

Felicia Pearson is active on Instagram with over 347thousand followers.

Is Felicia Pearson Dead or Alive?

Pearson is alive and still posted of recent on her Instagram page, disregard any death concerning Pearson.

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