Nanci Ryder Wiki, Family, Age, Death,all you need to know.

Name: Nanci Ryder

Age: 67

Date of birth : July 1,1952

Place of birth : Orlando, Florida

Nationality: American

Career: Hollywood publicist

Relationship: Divorced

Death: June 11,2020 from ALS

Who is Nanci Ryder? Nanci Ryder Wiki


Nanci Ryder was a famous Hollywood publicist and PR manager for a lot of celebrities in the industry. She was the co-founder of BWR, a publicity company that managed a lot of huge stars for over 30 years.

Nanci was also an activist and selfless humanitarian conducting fund raising for different social causes and creating awareness about certain illness being a cancer survivor herself. She also assisted in raising about 820,000 thousand US dollars to help combat and find a cure for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

She is also famed to have been high-handed with a zero tolerance for incompetency to work approach. Her supervision and coaching guided a lot of celebrities to successes in their careers.

Nanci Ryder Education

Nanci attended C. W post College and graduated with a degree in psychology and anthropology.

Nanci Ryder Family Background, Parents & siblings

She has a step brother called Stanley Schwartz. There’s no further information to the public about his personality or profession.

There’s also no public information on the rest of Nanci Ryder’s family members or relatives.

Nanci Ryder Marriage, Divorce, Spouse

Nanci got married straight out if high school. However the marriage was short lived and they divorced. She had no children and there’s also no information on who her husband had been. She never remarried. Nothing is known about the relationships she had after her marriage crashed.

Though Nanci had no children of her own, popular actress refered to her as her “second mother”

Net worth

Nanci was worth 8 million dollars as at the time of her death.

About Nanci Ryder ‘s Career

Nanci’s career began after she moved to Los Angeles in 1979. She got her first job as a talent manager at David Shapira & associates. She also worked with Goldberg-Erhlich public Relations and Michael Levine Public Relations.

In 1984,Nanci stated her own publicity agency and her first client was Fox.

1987 would see Nanci collaborate with Paul Baker and Larry winokur to kick-start the BWR company. BWR became responsible for handling and managing publicity for celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Harrelson, Helen Hunt, Paul Rodriguez, Demi Moore, Robert Downey Jr, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Johnny Galecki.

The team of Nanci and a few others would be the guiding light for the careers of most of the stars today


Nanci led a controversy free career. There’s no known drama to her name.

Health challenge

Ryder lived through life battling certain body ailments including cancer and ALS which she finally lost the battle to.

In the year 2000, Nanci had received a cancer diagnosis but would beat the growing tumor a year later, winning the fight.

In 2014, She started a lifelong battle with ALS, a degenerative nervous system disorder for over six years. ALS causes the body muscles and cells to degenerate ,break down and subsequently die. There’s no known cure for the disease which also causes a slur in speech, difficulty walking, and muscle twitching.


In 2018, Nanci was awarded the ALS hero award. She had her speech read by a friend as she could no longer speak by then.

She also received many more awards in honour of her contributions to the fight against ALS.

Nanci Ryder Death, cause of Death.

Nanci Ryder died on 11th June 2020 in her Los Angeles home after battling ALS for six years. She was 67.

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