Faly rakotovahana wiki, life, career, birthday, bio, relationship

Full name: Faly Rakotovahana

Date of birth: April 26, 2003

Country of birth: America

Nationality: American

Height: Not available

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Zodiac: Taurus

Parents: unknown

Siblings: unknown

Relationship status unknown

Profession: Teen movie star

Who is Faly Rakotovahana? All you need to know, Age, Wiki, Bio


Faly Rakotovahana is a child actor featuring in Nickelodeon’s Ricky, Nicky, Dicky, and Dawn show. He is a guest star on the “Raven” show. He is 17 years old with deep black curly hair and brown eyes.

Faly rakotovahana

Family background, parents and siblings

There’s no information on who Faly’s parents are. There’s also no information on if he has siblings and who they might be.

Faly rakotovahana Education

There’s no confirmed information on Faly’s education but it is expected that Faly is still in high school like most kids his age.

Faly rakotovahana Net worth and salary

Child actors do not earn as high as adults but Faly’s net worth is in between the range of  1 million dollars to 5 million. His primary source of income is from his acting roles.  How much he earns exactly per movie role is unknown to the public.

Relationship :Who Is Faly Rakotovahana dating? Girlfriend,

Faly is currently not dating anyone. He is not married and has never had children. His dating history and sexuality is also not known to the public.

Faly’s career

Faly is a child actor who made his debut in 2016, in a short movie piece called, “Delete that Post”. He also starred in films like Disney’s “Secret society of second Born royals” a sci-fi movie which is due to be released this July. He would be starring alongside other teen actors like Peyton Elizabeth, Niles Fitch, Olivia Deeble, Skylar Astin, Isabella Blake-Thomas.

The movie which is also in the action-comedy genre is one of Faly’s most anticipated work of 2020. It was directed by Anna Mastro.

He has previously  worked with other child actors as a guest star on Raven’s home like Navia Robinson, Isaac Ryan Brown, Sky Katz and Jason Maybaum. Faly has also featured in the Nickelodeon Series, Nicky, Ricky, Dick, and Dawn. He played the character of Miles in Raven’s home and frequently appeared in Fox sitcom, The Mick. In 2018, Faly played the role of Riley in a horror movie, Nightmare Cinema. He finally announced he is working on other movie projects that he cannot reveal to the public yet.


As a young actor with huge aspirations for his career, Faly is doing a great job keeping it scandal free. So far, the actor is not involved in any controversies or online drama.

Social media

Faly is quite fairly active on social media. He is on Instagram as Faly Rakotohavana with over 7506 followers and 25 posts, he follows 877. He’s is on twitter as faly rakotohavana, he has just 63 followers and follows 16 people. Faly also uses the Facebook app as his name. He has a YouTube channel and Tiktok and also has his website named after him.

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