Catherine Halliday Wiki, Bio, Relationship,Net worth and Family

Full name : Catherine Halliday

Date of birth : Not disclosed

Place of birth : Not disclosed

Nationality : Scottish

Parents : John Halliday

Height: approximately 5’8

Body measurement : unknown

Age : 21

Profession : Student

Relationship : Dating

Boyfriend : Lewis Capaldi

Who is Catherine Halliday? Catherine Halliday Wiki-Bio

Catherine Halliday is a twenty one year gorgeous red head dating Scottish singer and song writer, Lewis Capaldi. She stays really low profile on social media and to the general public and so there’s not much known about the Scot beauty.

However, Catherine is from Aberdeen, Scotland and she is currently a student in college. and her father is a multi millionaire known for his architecture designing company.

Who is Catherine Dating?  Relationship status

Catherine is in a relationship and dating award winning Scottish singer of “someone you loved”, Lewis Capaldi. Before meeting Catherine,  Lewis was in a relationship with  love island’s winner, Paige Turley. The relationship ended on a sour note with Lewis revealing in an interview the brute way with which he had been dumped. Paige had allegedly said,

“Lewis, slight issue with me and you as a couple. I find you revolting in every way possible, and you are really a disgusting human being. And I would like to leave you, effective immediately’.”

But luckily for Lewis, after his jolting experience he hadn’t given up on love and he soon found someone to love in the person of Catherine. According to reports, a friend had introduced Lewis and Catherine to each other shortly after his ugly breakup. At first, they had simply shared a vibe and stayed friends but subsequently fell in love after a few months of knowing each other. Consequently, they have since set the ball rolling and are now officially dating. They were spotted in public very recently, on a date in an Italian restaurant all loved up and very comfortable around each other.

Lewis is reportedly so smitten with her that he has a song for her on his next album. The song is suppose to talk about her captivating red hair. According to a source, Catherine’s incoming into his life was timely, as she has made him realised how to be happy again.

Earlier this year and capaldi had revealed he was in a relationship responding to a question by a curious fan and although the reveal wasnt on purpose, Lewis says he couldn’t say anything otherwise.

Furthermore, Catherine’s boyfriend is two years her senior and although Halliday’s exact date of birth is not known, Catherine clocks twenty one this year. She stands almost at the same height as her 5 foot 9 boyfriend but is slightly shorter. However her exact height is unknown. Similarly, her official weight and body measurement is also currently unknown.

Catherine Halliday Family, Parent and Siblings

Catherine is the rich daughter of a very  successful architect father. Her father is the renowned and reputable John Halliday. As it stands, who her mother or other menbers of her family are is not in public light.

Catherine Halliday Net worth

Catherine’s net worth is currently unknown. However, she was born into a wealthy family and is definitely not poor.


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