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Pierson Wodzynski

Name: Pierson wodzynski

Age: 24

Date of birth: February 18, 1999

Zodiac: Leo

Nationality: American

Career: TikTok star, YouTuber, social media content creator

Relationship status: unknown


Who is Pierson wodzynski? Bio, Age, Wiki

Pierson Wodzynski is an American TikTok influencer, entertainer, and social media content creator. Pierson stands at about 5’7 ft, she has brown eyes dark brown hair, and nicely tanned skin. She is also a fitness enthusiast and weighs about 60kg. Additionally, She has a vibrant and fun personality and is always very energetic in her videos.

Pierson Wodzynski Education

Pierson attended the Santa Barbara and El Camino college for her high school certification. Consequently, she proceeded to the University of California where she bagged her first degree.

Pierson Wodzynski Family, Mother, & Siblings

Pierson Wodzynski’s mother, Karin, and brother, Logan, often feature in her videos, though their professions are unknown. Details about her father and other siblings are scarce, and Pierson rarely mentions or acknowledges them publicly.

Relationship: Who is Pierson Wodzynski Boyfriend, dating?

Pierson Wodzynski

Pierson has always kept her romance and love life away from social media but it has been revealed that the TikTok star Pierson Wodzynski is officially dating Brent Rivera, as announced by Brent on his Instagram, revealing their year-long relationship.

Net worth & salary

As of 2023, reports suggest that Pierson Wodzynski’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million. She stands out as one of the top 10 creators and highly successful TikTokers in the country. Her monthly income surpasses $25,000.

Career in focus

While initially creating her TikTok account just for enjoyment, Pierson’s journey as a successful social media influencer took flight through the platform. She is known for her talent in acting, voiceovers, lip-syncing, humorous content, and impressive dance skills. She has also demonstrated proficiency in photography and photo editing.

In March 2020, Pierson solidified her presence in the social media sphere by collaborating with fellow influencers such as Brent and Lexi Rivera, Jeremy Hutchins, and Ben Azelart. She signed a partnership deal with Amp Studios. On her YouTube channel, she frequently hosts the “What’s in the box” challenge, and every Friday. She treats her audience to videos featuring her dance prowess in a segment she named “It’s Friday.”

Brand Collaborations

Pierson Wodzynski

Pierson is not just popular on social media; she also partners with big brands. She promotes fashion, sports, skincare, and more. Brands like House Of CB, Omighty, Shein Official, Beginning Boutique, White Fox, and others have worked with her. She has even appeared on the covers of fashion magazines, showing how influential she is.

Although we don’t know the exact money she gets from these collaborations, it’s safe to say it’s a significant amount. Pierson has also teamed up with Amp Studios, a digital content studio, to work with other internet personalities.


Pierson extends her brand through merchandise available on platforms like RedBubble. Priced between $10 and $50 per item on average, it is conceivable that Pierson achieves a yearly income well into the five-figure range, possibly even nearing the six-figure mark. Given her widespread popularity, her merchandise store likely attracts a significant number of fans, contributing to the impressive sales figures.


Pierson keeps her personal life private. Her expenditures are mostly undisclosed but It’s inferred that she invests in content quality. Potential expenses include video recording equipment which may involve cameras, lights, props, editing software, and microphones. For musical aspects, she might invest in sound recording equipment and instruments. While Computers and miscellaneous purchases may also be part of her spending, Pierson may outsource video editing to professionals as this ensures consistency in her content quality. However, the exact financial details of these endeavors are unknown.

Dramas or controversies

While numerous celebrities battle with the challenge of maintaining a controversy-free social image, Pierson is adept at preserving a positive reputation for her brand. Presently, there are no controversies associated with her name.

Social Media Appearance

She goes by the TikTok handle @piersonwodzynski, boasting an impressive follower count of 16.1 million and accumulating around 448 million likes on her content as of this year. On Instagram, her popularity extends to over 2.6 million followers, with 850 accounts in her follow list while her YouTube channel, @piersonwodzynski, has garnered a substantial audience, reaching 4.58 million subscribers, and each video attracts thousands of views.

Her social media profiles showcase an abundance of stunning photos, captivating videos, and entertaining pranks. It also has a variety of creative content that reflects her dynamic online presence.

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